"How Much Protein Do You Need To Build Muscle?"

....Are you really required to eat that extra protein? Find out if you're being ripped off, almost every time you spend your hard earned cash on protein shakes

If you're reading this, you're probably under the impression that protein is a vital nutrient in your body. You're probably right!

That you can only get it from meat, eggs and a few other stuff. You'll probably struggle to build muscle without protein intake, and that you'll need to consume lots of protein every day as you'll lose muscle forever!

I'm sorry to spoil the moment, but the fact is........... You've been listening to MYTHS AND A LOAD OF COBBLERS!

You've probably heard these claims time and time again when it comes to protein and building muscle...

"The more protein you take, the bigger you'll get......PERIOD"..

"You'll need to consume protein every 3/4 hours to maintain 'Muscle Growth'...

"Protein shakes are the only way to build extra muscle, without spending a fortune on meal preparations..."

If you've heard these boisterous claims before, then you should carry reading the rest of this article and figure out why you're wasting $50/60 per month on protein shakes and supplements that don't contribute towards your pursuit of building muscle.....NONE whatsoever!!